Program Management

As the business environment becomes more competitive and complex, the ability to organize and manage a diverse portfolio of projects is critical.  SNAP® I2M, our flagship product designed for world-wide enterprise information sharing, provides the flexibility needed to manage global programs with solutions that complement your existing system and landscape.


Template Software can work with you to develop a program management strategy that combines effective business processes with our proven SNAP I2M technology.


 SNAP I2M Aligns Projects to Your Objectives

Whatever industry you are in, whether you make submarines, SUVs or new banking products, your future depends on how well you respond to changes in your market.  SNAP I2M can help ensure that your project portfolio is aligned with and supports your overall strategic objectives.


Most organizations have developed pools of data designed around specific applications or objectives.  Each new problem or application that is deployed gives rise to another new, disconnected pool of data.  As a result, they must often recreate the same data, in different forms, over and over again, proliferating costs and inefficiencies.


With SNAP I2M organizations can draw on the information that has been developed across applications to analyze new problems.  Moreover, using SNAP I2M’s flexible back-end processing, your existing data can be used as input to new applications, eliminating the need for costly data re-entry or duplication.


How Can SNAP I2M Improve Program Management?

Most of the data that defines your current project portfolio probably already exists in one form or another in various systems:

Using SNAP I2M you can pull data together from each of these systems and organize it into programs, building an integrated planning structure that is tied to real data – the same data that drives your business systems. More importantly, when any of that data changes, or when planning priorities change, those changes can be instantly communicated across the organization.


Create an Open Program Management Environment

SNAP I2M is integrated "out-of-the-box" with RPlan® for a robust and flexible PM environment that can draw data from multiple systems, automate repetitive activity and encourage collaboration at all schedule levels.


SNAP I2M complements RPlan modules by connecting them to the outside world and providing a seamless end-to-end solution for your Program Management environment:

Combine RPlan 's robust user management tools with any module to provide a straightforward communication tool for users who only need read access. Add in RPlan Report Manager to deliver complex reports without requiring users to master RPlan or SNAP I2M.






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